Last House On Mulholland Dr
An architectural competition entry- 2017

This house is essentially a concrete landscape that aims to blur the edge between architecture and site, as well as a definitive distinction between indoor space and outdoor space. The flowing surfaces create a freeform playground for the inhabitants to explore new ways of dwelling on, experiencing new relationships between the surfaces and their bodies. This way of engaging to the built form aims to liberates the use of space towards a more creative life style and sense of being.


The geometry of the house is made around a mobius strip with 2 separate zones, generated in Grasshopper. The Mobius has an inherent diagram that directs the program of the house. The 2 zones intertwine and merge into each other and define separate zones and separate entrances: Private and public. These zones have a no definitive geometric border and yet completely separate from each other.


The public zone, on the right side is comprised of entertainment area, eating and cooking and it is on the same level as the swimming pool. The pool water level creates a sensual relationship with the soft form of the concrete, as it fills up to the edge.


The private zone on the left side of the house leads into the private master’s suite through a private courtyard on the second level.

The geometry is tilted to exaggerate the sense of slope in the site and make the level plains more interesting and angled.

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