Leanplum Acoustical Ceiling, San Francisco 2018

Leanplum headquarter in San Francisco rapidly expanded. The newly remodeled office space designed by Citydot Studio, LLC
needed an acoustical solution in order to function. The conference room where the conference calls and important meetings were taking place, was the first space that was originally commissioned for the ceiling installation design.


The idea was to create a beautiful, unique and functional ceiling with lowest cost possible. We chose 1/2" thick white industrial felt and decided to work around it. The goal was to design a 3-dimensional pattern to maximize the absorption of sound. We developed a geometry in computer that was complex but required no digital tool for fabrication. All the pieces were hand cut rectangular stripes, twisted and attached to a frame. The repetition of the twists in a specific pattern resulted a field of form and flow that provides a different visual experience from various angles. 

As Leanplum expanded, they needed to have similar solution for all the spaces. Citydot Studio in collaboration with us developed the original ceiling design to a modular unit system that could respond to the angular geometry of the other rooms in the office. 



Fabrication by Skiffmade

Photography by Bruce Damonte

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