Temporary Facade/ Light wall installation-2013


This translucent temporary building skin is a portable facade, custom designed for Looma's open studio event in Berkeley on December 14-15, 2013. The structure was designed to be attached to the existing surface of the building at the time of special events such as open studios and removed and stored after the event.

Looma's studio is a part of a building comprised of many units with rules and regulations regarding their exterior appearance. When Looma, (www.loomalites.com) asked us to design a new skin for their studio facade, we decided to design and build a portable facade that could be easily installed or removed at any time.


In collaboration with Looma designer, Romy Randev, we created an interactive light wall with LED lights that change color using a small controller that allows the user to interactively mix colors. The number of colors available is almost unlimited.

This project was designed, fabricated and installaed in 4 days.


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