The images on this page are generated by digital image processing apps. Some images are generated using  touch screen to create repetition, ripple, sequence, etc. (image 6& 7). Some are generated with the user controlling the parameters and intensities of the operation (image 4).  These digital processing tools, reduce the raster image into a certain grain with inherent diagrammatic information. A sort of quantification of an un-quantifiable matter, similar to the process of digital fabrication itself, helps to understand and control the nature of a complex entity. The question is how architectural space, computer intelligence and natural environment can communicate in a data driven and yet sensory manner? For example, the height-field contour lines on image 3 are  data visualization of a remote terrain, demonstrating conditions such as sound, noise, and topography. Could environmental or other senses  be transcribed in a digital model and therefore transferred and transport while printing in a different location? (image 8)