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Kordan House I - Tehran Province, Iran

This vacation house is located inside a 1000 sm agricultural property near Tehran, a relaxation destination to enjoy the garden trees and the swimming pool. The building structure is the least costly method of construction, including load bearing walls and columns combined and steel trusses for roof. The design for this house went through iterations and studies of plan layout, materials and structural systems. Here are some of the main studies and configurations.

Brick is the vernacular, historic material in this location. It is not only the most affordable material, but also the most durable and feasible for facades. Brick's timeless, natural and nostalgic familiarity for people who grew up in central Iran, creates a nice sense of comfort and security. With a modern approach to architecture, we looked at brick to create a contemporary and yet familiar design.

Option 1: Kitchen facing the garden (south)


Option 2: Kitchen island facing the swimming pool (east)


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